Monday, February 27, 2012

You and I are inevitable.

After an enjoyable lunch with my little sister and her etiquette class, all the kids played dress up for a day,and a quick walk through the mall for more meet ups.

(Thrift-ed and Altered Black Chiffon Dress, Gifted Bear's Cadeau Jacket, Culte Femme Bag, Nude Parisian Jr. Heels)

I do so love wearing heels, only they can eventually cause some pain, with one as inexperienced as I when it comes to their 3 and 1/2 madness.
I must practice this more.

I eventually gave up and simply sauntered through the mall barefoot. 

To be honest, the cold tiles were quite relieving. But something tell me I have ways to go before ever giving up my adventures with heels.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

wetter than most.

It's been a rainy past couple of days and I bought a brand new umbrella to celebrate the weather. 

A red and white beaded necklace I made myself.

( Thrift-ed Black Organza dress, Brown Fringe Boots, Black Bag from Tomato & lots of jewelry )

Some advice? Get wet. 
It's fun to be silly every now and again.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beating the lights.

The other day I went with some family members to go see Fuel for the Soul at the CCP Theatre. Sometimes, it's really hard to tell how to dress up for these things. So I went in a flirty little blue dress covered with fishes on it. It was quite adorable really.

If you look closely, you'll notice the sheer look of terror on my face. I become a terrible wimp when it comes to crossing the street. Thankfully the cars had slowed down to only a handful by that time of night.

Snapping a quick picture right outside the theatre. 

( Betty Dress, Parisian Jr. Brown Heels, Old Navy Brown Bow Clutch)

 I actually had to walk up this long stretch to get to the top. It wasn't that bad thought, my heels had excellent suction to the cement. Though perhaps if I had stopped I might have just rolled back to the bottom!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunny days.

I admit I was feeling a bit like Vanessa Hudgens right here.
The overflow of jewelry, long swish-y skirt and the shades defiantly did the trick. I don't often wear floor length skirts, but there is something about them now that I find wonderful. I think it's mostly about how safe I feel in them!

(White Cotton Terranova Tank Top, Black Floor Length Skirt, Silver TOPSHOP Sandals)

You can't really see them but those are my new TOPSHOP sandals. I wear them all too often. 

The necklace above is actually a deconstructed one. The blue pieces are from the same piece and the gold one was formerly an earring! I enjoy taking apart my things and creating new ones. 


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Juices and Boots. Life can be magnifique!

Today at the stroke of 5 o'clock the party began. 
And so did the juicing.
The Philippines finally has a Jamba Juice. Horrah! 

So, I stole my sisters dress and wore my lovely boots that I'm not quite done loving.
These shoes are quite amazing, considering I walked a couple of blocks down Fort Bonifacio High St. before arriving at the party venue, and aside from become a human fountain of sweat my feet were otherwise unharmed and blister free! 

(Vintage Thrift-ed Dress, Asian Vogue Booties)

Strawberry smoothies are quite delish. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

And I continue to dance...

This Saturday my sister and I hosted a PAP (post apocalyptic party). I decided I wanted to come as an assassin sort of person. 
I made a foam bullet belt and guns to wear along with a holster. Black was the theme of my outfit and nothing says bad-ass like the perfect pair of black boots. Thankfully, the shoes I ordered arrived right on time! This is one of my favorite full body shots.

Sid and I make an excellent team of sorts.
Her wolf hat makes me smile. It's just so excellent.

And then I just couldn't resist wearing them again this Sunday, only I decided I'd wear a skirt this time.

( Bleached Denim Mini Skirt, Black Tank Top, White Cotton Terranova  Tank Top, Striped Cardigan, Black Booties Asiavogue)

The boots are so comfortable and great. Asianvogue has a ton of shoes to choose from, but I just had to have these.
What do you think?

Something tells me these beauties will constantly adorn my feet.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bracelets & belts.

Enjoying strolling through the mall on a Sunday afternoon. I don't have a shot of the front of my dress, which is a shame considering my belt is awesome. And I was wearing my new Topshop sandals. Just imagine it instead.

I like my arm party.